Wednesday, February 14, 2007

more mariah

More Mariah progress. I kinda worked on this on and off today in between shoveling all that snow. I made a couple of flubs but I am not a perfectionist and it's handmade. Most 'non knitters' wouldnt see them anyway. I really like the color but can't wait to have at least one sleeve done. I'm doubtful that I will go to work tomorrow because we got so much snow. ( State of emergency kind-of-snow )
I need a Mariah break for tonite :)
I feel accomplished.

Cast on Mariah

I cast on's Mariah last night. So far I have some of the sleeve done and It's going pretty well so far. I am using Lion Brand wool-ease in Oxford Grey .
I bought ten skeins @ Joann Fabrics when they were on sale for $1.79 each. That means my sweater will cost less then twenty bucks when it is done.
I should get alot of this done today because I took a snow day from work.
Knitty + Laundry + Snow!! Oh my!!

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Misc fo's and wips

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Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Pix of three hats I made out of scrap acrylic.
Also, pix of one fingerless glove made out of lion brand sock yarn.

Solo scarf - FO

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A scarf that I am working on now for myself. This is a simple stock stitch with garter border on both sides.
The yarn was $2 a skein @ Michaels on Friday when I went and I needed something to work on while I was on my three hour salon excursion.
I dont think this will block well because there is no wool content but I might steam block this lightly.

Heart -

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I am going to be making "heart" from's womens issue from this yarn. I really like the twists of color in the varigated cascade. I am not sure I am going to double these or just single them and make just one.

Fake Isle yarn

Pattern: ...Fake Isle from

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Hopefully this one will be worth it, alot of people have made this and it came out really cute. I like the look of the decreases on the top.

Divine blanket for my mom

I started a blanket for my mom for her b-day in June. I bought ten skeins for this of Divine... being that they were only $2 a skein on sale at AC Moore. The pattern is a simple co 5, knit three, yo and knit to end that I found at

Silk Garden - Clapotis Yarn

I bought some Noro Silk Garden in color#211 and I am very excited to start my Clapotis.I bought six skeins and by what I've read online most people that used this only used six skeins. I hope that is the same for me.. Will post pix as I am completing this..

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Knitty - Monkey (one down)

Pattern:Monkey from
One down and one to go. I used knitpicks and wish I didnt because it doesnt show off the lace-ness of the pattern, it gets lost in the stripe pattern. I do like this pattern and wil make these again with the right kind/color of yarn.

calorimetry FO... need a do-over :(

Pattern: ...Calorimetry
Yarn: Walmart brand acrylic leftovers
This came out wayyy too big, I used a smaller needle then the pattern calls for and it was still way too big. I will try less cast on stitches for the next one. I really like this pattern.