Wednesday, February 27, 2008

February Socks

Two pair completed for February....

and I got a really nice pair of socks blockers for Valentine's day and I wanted to share....

I am spamming my own blog, I am so lazy that I copied and pasted this post from the socks from stash club.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

February Socks

I have been working on two pair of socks for February. I need to have a kitchener party to finish the afterthought heels but other than that two pair will be complete.

First pair of socks is made with Regia in the Jaywalker Pattern, second is a pair made with Knitpicks Essentials in ash and some misc multicolored sock stash using the Prism sock Pattern

More details always on my Ravelry account

Saturday, February 02, 2008

WIP-February Socks(Valentine Edition)

Jaywalker ONE is done!!! I am taking a brief jaywalker hiatus to start a pair of Prism socks. I really like the pattern and can use up some misc multicolored yarn that I got thru Destash. I will def get both pair done before the end of Feb so there is no second sock syndrome or any other sock related illness on the horizon.

I haven't worked on Mr Tealjeans in over two weeks :(
The goal was to have it done before superbowl. The superbowl is tomorrow and I am not even close. I will def finish it soon but I hope there will enough chilly weather to wear it.