Thursday, November 09, 2006

Fo - Jaywalkers

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Yes, I only had THAT MUCH yarn left when I finished.

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not blocked yet..

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Jaywalker goodness...

I'm ready to cast on my next pair. X-mas gifts!!!

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

knitpicks.. It's Here

I can't believe how fast this shipped. Although it shipped from Ohio and I'm in PA...
I got my stash today:

I got enough yarn to make EIGHT pairs of socks!!!!

(check out those quilted pillows in the background,yea, I made those)

Monday, November 06, 2006


Waiting on my knitpicks orders to arrive, here is what I ordered 2 skeins each:
* Tropical Parade $2.49 ea
* Tropics Simple Stripes $2.99 ea
* Crayons Simple Stripes $2.99 ea
* Two Step Dancing $2.99 ea
* Morning Glory Memories $3.99 ea
* Hawaii Memories $3.99 eac
* Rocky Mountain Dusk Memories $3.99 ea
* Fly Fishing Memories $3.99 ea

It might be delivered tomorrow or Wednesday.. I am happy!
I am in such a sock mood!

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Non Knitting Related...

Memories of Halloween 2006...

This pix is soo awesome I'm not going to resize it! Take it all in!!

Jaywalkers...and sock stash

Here they are.. Do you see what I mean by the weird repeats in the stripes, I guess there isn't even any pattern and I guess you can't even say that there are any "repeats"...

If you are looking for a great sock pattern, I would recommend this one!!!

This is the sock stash that I got when I went to the LYS on Friday...

Update.. Cherry Top Down Cardi-

Here's pix of the cardigan...

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This color is the truest, although it has been photoshopped

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Here's a link to the pattern: TOP-DOWN RAGLAN CARDI
version 2.0

x-posted my livejournal and my blog


I cast on one Jaywalker about 2 weeks ago and have since finished it and cast on the second. Why didn't anyone emphasize the addictive-ness of this pattern? It is very easy to remember and comes out so nice even tho the yarn that I used has the worst color repeats ever!!!

I may gift these to someone for X-mas... I need to take some pictures.

Real LYS

I went to my first REAL Local Yarn Store. It was soo awesome.. and only about 30 miles away, which isn't that bad because I was willing to buy yarn when I was in New York City with my mom when we were there approx a month ago. Anywho, there was soo much to look at that I was dumbfounded on what I would actually buy. It was there about 40 minutes and came away with (5) skeins of Cascade 220, which was on sale for $4.95 a skein and (3) skeins of sock yarn, 100 gr each... althoughter I spent about $55 dollars.

I should take some stash pictures but I actually started a top down cardigan (pattern from cosmic pluto, google to find it)... I am already on my second skein and really love how it is coming along. I think the sizing will be a bit tight in the bust area but everything is tight on me in the bust area. I really hope when I block it that it comes out nice because this is the first cardi that I made for myself.

In other news, X-mas gifts have been started and I need to make a good list of things and find out what I need and when:

(1) pair of black/red socks (Scott), FINISHED
(1) pair of fruity colored socks (My Mom), FINISHED
(1) felted booga bag (Jeremy's Mom), 1/3 done..I cord is done so I'm happy
(1) basketweave scarf + panta (Sam), 1/2 scarf done, Panta not started
(1) neckwarmer with my own pattern (My Dad), not started, didn't write pattern
(1) skull scarf or other skull related item (Gina ), not started-didn't decide yet

I also need to complete a Big Bad Baby Blanket and baby cardigan for mid-January, both are started, the blankee is past the half way point and the cardigan is 3/4 done, there is 1/2 sleeve done with another to be completed.

I also want to dye some Knitpicks Wool of the Andes, natural with some Kool Aid and make the "my so called scarf"... I did a few rows of it with some acrylic and it is an easy pattern with a really nice result. This might end up on the FOR ME! list :)

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Yum, stash!!

Took a few pix of the stash...

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I don't know what kinda of blanket, but I know that I want to make a blanket with all of the Moda Dea colors that I have, I think I should have enough to make something really nice and soft. That stuff has been around since last X-mas when I bought it on sale with the X-mas gift cards. I need to put that to use..

Sock Stash Building

I hit up AC Moore two Sunday's ago because they were having a Moonlight Madness thing with 25% off everything in the store. I got one of each color they had... Now I just need some sock patterns to pair them up with.
I will be starting a pair of Jaywalkers now that I finshed the black and red socks (as below)
I am not sure which color I'm going to do them in, but I know not the black/red colorway... I want something spicy!!!

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FO - Black and Red Socks

I just finished off the kitchner toes a few minutes ago and I'm pretty happy with these so far. I had my BF try them on although he takes a size 12 1/2 and the person that I am giving them to has a size 10 1/2 or 11 foot.
I am glad these are done, one less that needs to be done for x-mas!!!

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I really need to block these buggers, they look kinda wonky now.

Sunday, October 01, 2006

WIP - Purple Basketweave Scarf

I'm hoping to have this one done by X-mas along with some leftover yarn so that I can make a Panta to match. I know who this will be gifted for and I guess this is a back burner project because I don't think it will appreciated. I don't know why I'm making it other than because it would be a nice gift. I am not sure If I am more worried about giving a nice gift or the person appreciating my work.
I'll let you know how this one goes, hopefully I will finish it and all will turn out well.



WIP - Basketweave Ribbing Sock

More Wip's ... more more more..

Here's a sock made from Knitpicks Pallet "lilac"
Pattern from Stitches of Violet/blog



WIP - Black and Red Knitpicks Sock

Another Knitpicks sock, notice that I say "sock" and not "socks"... this is also an orphan sock that needs a mate. I haven't even cast on the other one which stinks because I know I will have to do alot of counting to make a second. These look kinda fat but will be gifted to a guy with a long foot. I hope to have the other one done by X-mas so that I can give a pair.
Keep your fingers crossed.


WIP - Rainbow Baby Sweater and Big Bad Baby Blanket

I started this sweater only last Sunday and I am already to the armholes. This is the same pattern that I used for the pink and blue baby sweater that I already posted. I am also using the same yarn to make the Big Bad Baby Blankee from SNB. I double stranded some baby yarn and so far the colors are great and I really like the pattern. It's good when you just want some mindless knitting while watching tv.
I need to have this one done before December 1st because it is going to be gifted to my Uncle Frank and Lori. HOPEFULLY they will be having a little girl. I really liked the yarn when I bought it and normally I will make a neutral gift or make two, one in a girly color and one in a boy color.
I will post updates.



WIP - Toe Up Knitpicks Socks

One down and just one to go. That seems to be the formula for all of the socks that I have made so far. I have an itch to make some socks and then I get bored after one and I have a single sock lying around. At least I did the other toe so that I can pick it up and start the second one..
These are done up in KnitPicks Simple Stripes I don't think this color is available. I also made a pair of socks for my mom for x-mas in this color. She loved it when she saw it so I told her that I was making them for someone else.


WIP - Stash Buster Top Down Raglan

I'm doing this one with some stash acrylic and hopefully this will turnout to be a good stash buster. I didn't realize that changing colors every few rows would turn out to be such a pain.. I didn't think about all those ends to weave in. I've started to weave them in every few color changes so that I don't have so many in the end. I wish I had this one done because it's getting chilly outside and I would like to wear it this fall. I doubt it tho.. maybe next fall.

Here is the Pattern@cosmicplutoknits


WIP - Pink Baby Sweater

This is the girly version of the blue baby sweater that I posted earlier. I didn't add the buttons but all of the knitting is done... I still consider this one a "work in progress" because it cannot be considered complete without the buttons. I started this one on my birthday this year and got it done in less than two weeks. I kinda felt funny because I was knitting this on the bus trip to Atlantic City with a bunch of old people, and old ladies in particular and none of them asked about my knitting.
I have white buttons to add to this one, they are the cheapy ones from Joann Fabrics, you get 5 buttons for 80 cents. Can you beat that?


WIP - Tweed Cable Socks

I just started the first sock on my pair of cable knit socks. I am making them out of Knitpicks Essential Tweed (see color below)... So far they are not that bad even tho they are on size 0 needles. I wish I knew what made me think of doing that. They are coming out great tho.. pictures to come soon.

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FO - Baby's First Tattoo

From the SnB... Baby's First Tattoo, minus that tattoo. This was taken prior to duplicate stitching the grey skulls on it. I made this out of Knitpicks Shine Sport in "cherry" and "cloud"


This one made me kinda ahsdfhjkdfh because of all the seaming. I am not particularly perfect when it comes to seaming and this was a pain in the end. I made this one before I came upon a pattern for a top down SEAMLESS raglan(see FO below,baby sweater)
I would def not make this one again but it was cute for a baby gift.

FO -Watermelon Hat

Hey lookie!! It's a watermelon hat. I made this one out of scrap acrylic, a quick knit on dpns and duplicate stitched the "seeds" on when it was done. Google the phrase "knit watermelon hat" and I'm sure you will find it. Let me know how it comes out of you make it.

ps - I've shaved since this picture :)



FO - Fruity Socks

Here's a pair of socks that were made with Red was varigated and I don't remember the color. These were a simple sock pattern and took me about 4 hours each sock. I really like the colors on these although they aren't very nice on the feet because they are worsted weight acrylic. I'm thinking that this was my second attempt at socks. My first attempt was also with Red Heart, my boyfriend actaully wears them although they are bright cornflower yellow and my purls and knits were a bit confused and there are purls on the knit side that shouldn't be there.
Since this pair I've progressed quite a bit and learned along the way!!!


FO - Skully Tote

This is the Skully Tote from Hello Yarn. I made this one pretty quick with some knitpicks wool of the andes in "coal" and "red"... This was my FIRST colorwork project and FIRST attempt at felting. I unfortunately didn't make this really big and it doesnt hold very much. I do really like this pattern and will make this again, of coarse with size in mind. (I guess I should have gauge swatched first too)



FO - Blue Baby Sweater

Here's a start to posting some of the FO's that I've done over the past year or so..

First off, the blue baby sweater. This was a great sweater because it's a top down construction and NO SEAMS. I made another one in baby pink because it was so cute and I'm working on another one now in rainbow baby colors(more pix of that one to come shortly)
I ended up gifting this one to a girlfriend that just had a boy.


Hi... first post.
I'm starting a blog for my knitting and yarn addiction.

I'm looking forward to posting some WIPS and alot of FO's.

Let me tweak the settings and start posting some good stuff.