Monday, July 14, 2008

52pp2 Catchup Post,,, and I'm not talking tomatoes

The weather is nice and although I am not an 'outside' person, I have been taking advantage of the cool summer nights. Which in turn leaves me lacking when it comes to sitting in from of the PC. I have been coming along strong in the 52pp2 plunge and just finished my ninth pair since the June1st. I'll just give a taste of the socks I've done so far.... (flickr set)

I also have been working on a really pretty one skein scarf/shawl. I can't wait to finish this but I am not in a big hurry because I won't be wearing it for another month or so...scarf weather comes early in my household. I try to wear them in replacement of a coat when chilly weather comes. I have a dislike of jackets but yet I keep buying them in hopes that I might find "the one", in the meantime I have enough scarves to keep my neckage warm and whatnot.
Anywho, I started this scarf because I didn't want to use the Noro Sock for socks becase I'm a firm believer in washing socks in the washer. Although that notion went out the window recently because I did a pair of Spring Forward socks in Knitpicks Gloss Sock.

Sunday Market Shawl

The crochet monster came knocking at my door this past week to ask me why I haven't crocheted in a few years. I had no response so... in turn... I cast on a scrap ripple blanket.

I have to take an updated picture because it has doubled since this pix.
I have quite a bit of acrylic that will not really be used for anything of major size so I figure I might as well start a second scrap buster blanket. Now this ripple blanket will have to compete with the Log Cabin Square blanket I started a month or two ago. I have more then enough yarn for both...time is the issue.

Yarn Pirate Booty ships this week....