Thursday, November 09, 2006

Fo - Jaywalkers

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Yes, I only had THAT MUCH yarn left when I finished.

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not blocked yet..

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Jaywalker goodness...

I'm ready to cast on my next pair. X-mas gifts!!!

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

knitpicks.. It's Here

I can't believe how fast this shipped. Although it shipped from Ohio and I'm in PA...
I got my stash today:

I got enough yarn to make EIGHT pairs of socks!!!!

(check out those quilted pillows in the background,yea, I made those)

Monday, November 06, 2006


Waiting on my knitpicks orders to arrive, here is what I ordered 2 skeins each:
* Tropical Parade $2.49 ea
* Tropics Simple Stripes $2.99 ea
* Crayons Simple Stripes $2.99 ea
* Two Step Dancing $2.99 ea
* Morning Glory Memories $3.99 ea
* Hawaii Memories $3.99 eac
* Rocky Mountain Dusk Memories $3.99 ea
* Fly Fishing Memories $3.99 ea

It might be delivered tomorrow or Wednesday.. I am happy!
I am in such a sock mood!

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Non Knitting Related...

Memories of Halloween 2006...

This pix is soo awesome I'm not going to resize it! Take it all in!!

Jaywalkers...and sock stash

Here they are.. Do you see what I mean by the weird repeats in the stripes, I guess there isn't even any pattern and I guess you can't even say that there are any "repeats"...

If you are looking for a great sock pattern, I would recommend this one!!!

This is the sock stash that I got when I went to the LYS on Friday...

Update.. Cherry Top Down Cardi-

Here's pix of the cardigan...

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This color is the truest, although it has been photoshopped

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Here's a link to the pattern: TOP-DOWN RAGLAN CARDI
version 2.0

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I cast on one Jaywalker about 2 weeks ago and have since finished it and cast on the second. Why didn't anyone emphasize the addictive-ness of this pattern? It is very easy to remember and comes out so nice even tho the yarn that I used has the worst color repeats ever!!!

I may gift these to someone for X-mas... I need to take some pictures.

Real LYS

I went to my first REAL Local Yarn Store. It was soo awesome.. and only about 30 miles away, which isn't that bad because I was willing to buy yarn when I was in New York City with my mom when we were there approx a month ago. Anywho, there was soo much to look at that I was dumbfounded on what I would actually buy. It was there about 40 minutes and came away with (5) skeins of Cascade 220, which was on sale for $4.95 a skein and (3) skeins of sock yarn, 100 gr each... althoughter I spent about $55 dollars.

I should take some stash pictures but I actually started a top down cardigan (pattern from cosmic pluto, google to find it)... I am already on my second skein and really love how it is coming along. I think the sizing will be a bit tight in the bust area but everything is tight on me in the bust area. I really hope when I block it that it comes out nice because this is the first cardi that I made for myself.

In other news, X-mas gifts have been started and I need to make a good list of things and find out what I need and when:

(1) pair of black/red socks (Scott), FINISHED
(1) pair of fruity colored socks (My Mom), FINISHED
(1) felted booga bag (Jeremy's Mom), 1/3 done..I cord is done so I'm happy
(1) basketweave scarf + panta (Sam), 1/2 scarf done, Panta not started
(1) neckwarmer with my own pattern (My Dad), not started, didn't write pattern
(1) skull scarf or other skull related item (Gina ), not started-didn't decide yet

I also need to complete a Big Bad Baby Blanket and baby cardigan for mid-January, both are started, the blankee is past the half way point and the cardigan is 3/4 done, there is 1/2 sleeve done with another to be completed.

I also want to dye some Knitpicks Wool of the Andes, natural with some Kool Aid and make the "my so called scarf"... I did a few rows of it with some acrylic and it is an easy pattern with a really nice result. This might end up on the FOR ME! list :)