Sunday, April 20, 2008

Nutkins - FO (APRIL KAL)

Finished my Nutkins last night and kitchenered the toe this morning. This was my first time using KPPPM and I liked the colors and the feel of the yarn so there should be some add'l purchases in the future. I did experience biasing the same as alot of other people but this didn't bother me enough to mirror the pattern. Some did mirror the pattern but experienced a downfall of stretch.
Although this is my fourth pair of completed socks (including a baby pair of Nutkin) for the month of April, this is the pair that counts for the Sock KAL for April.

Pattern : Nutkin
Needles : Knitpicks Circulars size 2
Yarn : Koigu KPPPM Color lot P118
Mods : Did k2,p2 ribbing instead of turned cuff. Wrapped short row toe

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Yarn Pirate Booty Club - April

Pretend that I haven't joined almost every "stash busting" group on the internet. Just for a minute... okay?

April's Booty Club shipment from Yarn Pirate is great. I might add that this is my first yarn of the month club and I am very pleased. Here's my booty....

Yea I am pretty lazy and didn't rotate the picture....sorry!

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Greenberry Waffle Socks

Blueberry Waffle Socks knit in Knitpicks Essential in "grass" on size two circulars.
I started this sock last night around 9 pm and finished today around 1pm. Fast knit!
I have to finish the second....

The Egg Dye Sock Yarn Experience

I bought up a few egg dye kits on 50% clearance this year in hopes to dye up some of my own yarn. I got three skeins of KP bare fingering weight yarn recently and here are my results from dying just one skein so far.

FIVE very generalized steps to your own hand-dyed yarn!!

Step One: Soak 30 minutes in vinegar water.

Step Two: Mix up the dyes with a bit of vinegar, no vinegar in the pink.

Step Three : Put yarn evenly into the dye mugs and nuke for two minutes, let rest two minutes...on and off for about 10 minutes or until all dye is soaked up and water looks clear-ish. ( no picture...yarn was in the microwave)

Step Four : Allow to cool down and rinse gently.

Step Five : hang to dry and wait anxiously to wind up your new hand-dyed creation.

This yarn will self stripe with white bits between all the colored stripes. This will be the next pair of socks :)

Thursday, April 03, 2008

April Kal - Nutkins

I started my April sock on March 30th, which I know was a bit of a cheat, but really who is going to punish me? The knitting nazis might get me!! Anyway, I started knitting the first sock on size one needles. I don't know what made me think that I would get gauge with needles that small. I am a loose knitter but I don't care how loose I knit, I got the first repeat done and tried them on.. good to go :) and then.. I got five repeats done and I was ready to start the heel. I tried them on again, just because the progress is so fun to see on an actual foot...Yea so I pretty much wanted to rip my hair out but ended up having to frog everything but the ribbing. I decided on going to my trusty size 2 harmonys and was able to fly thru 4 repeats and now I have an entire sock done. I may have set a world record, or not.... I did this entire sock in four days including the almost losing my hair frogging incident.

Pattern: Nutkin
Yarn: Koigu KPPPM

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

March KAL Socks

Finally finished my March Socks... I did all the knitting during the month of March and finished the kitchener toes today. I took some indoor and outdoor pictures. All details on my Ravelry page.